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What I love about a good cheesecake is the images it carries. I mean when you take that first bite
and you start picturing the beauty of summer. The breeze, the light clothes, the fresh fruit everywhere.

I am a big enthusiast of cheesecake and the way I like it is: not too high, not covered with chocolate,
not at all topped with any kind of glaze.

So this recipe makes my ideal cheesecake and I feel so lucky to live near Nemi
(a tiny town famous for wild strawberries, blackberries and raspberries) because fresh fruit makes
a lot of difference in a cheesecake.
I know that my cheesecake is nothing but perfect aesthetically but I promise you’ll just love the taste.
I made the layer of jam myself but if you don’t have much time you can buy a really good raspberry jam
and just top the cake with fresh fruit.

Cheesecake of blackberries and raspberries

For the jam
200 g of raspberries
150 g of blackberries
230 g sugar
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of corn starch

For the base
150 g Digestive biscuits
60 g of melted butter

For the cheesecake
350 g of Mascarpone 
200 g of Philadelphia cheese
200 ml of fresh cream
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Begin by washing the fruits well and putting them in a medium sized pan along with
the lemon juice and the sugar, stir and let it sit for 30min to 1hour.

Then, bring the pan and on medium heat, already with the corn starch, let the sugar dissolve and the syrup to thicken.
The consistency needs to be the same as jam would be.

With the help of a stick blender, mince the fruit pieces that didn’t dissolve and then use a colander to remove the seeds.

On a round tray, cover the bottom with tracing paper.

Mince the cookies and add the melted butter, mix well until it becomes homogeneous and cover the base of the tray.
Put it in the fridge for 20-30min.

Meanwhile, join all the ingredients for the cheesecake on a big bowl and whisk everything until it becomes a soft but firm cream.
The consistency will be similiar to that of firm creams.

Pour that mixture on top of the cookie base, smooth out the top well with the help of a small spatula
and bring it again to the fridge for 30min.

Then all you need to do is pour on top the blackberry and raspberry jam and bring it to the fridge,
for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Recipe adapted from Migalha Doce



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