Conchiglie e melanzane

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Pasta is the best. It’s always good. Our favourite pastas are aglio, olio e peperoncino – gricia – carbonara – with granelli (a neapolitan recipe which we’ll soon share on the blog), and the list could go on forever. Then there’s Conchiglie e melanzane = aubergines, such a simple pasta to make but Oh my god, you can’t believe how good it is.

Here’s the recipe

Conchiglie e Melanzane
serves 2

250 gr. of conchiglie pasta
8 pachino tomatoes
1 aubergine
olive oil
1 clove of garlic
100 gr. of fresh provola cheese

Lightly fry the garlic with some olive oil, then add the aubergine, chopped into small cubes. Leave the aubergine to cook for about 15 min. then add the pachino tomatoes, also chopped into small cubes.
Leave it to cook for an other 5/10 min. If it gets dry, add some temperature water.
Add some basil leaves to the sauce and turn it off. In the meantime cook the pasta in salted water and drain it 1 min. before the cooking time.
Turn on the sauce and add the pasta, the provola cheese and some table salt to it.
Remove the pasta from the pan when the provola cheese is melted and serve with fresh basil.

And then comes Paradise.


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